Wednesday, July 20, 2011

{next generation of law enforcement}

last week i had the amazing privilege of  photographing a police explorers training event involving departments from all across the state. 

words cannot express how thankful i am to those in law enforcement who have sacrificed their time/lives/minds to the cause of keeping our nation a place of freedom. i know i take those freedoms for granted on a daily basis. shooting this event was humbling for me as i stared into the faces of  a new generation of young people who are passionate about protecting our freedoms as American citizens.

"Somewhere a cop is being yelled at for taking too long to get there; trying to save the life of a total stranger; holding his bladder because his MDT just went off; starving because he missed a meal; having to keep a stone face at an accident scene where there's 2 dead kids; and now its 4 am, and he's missing HIS family while taking care of YOURS."

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