Saturday, December 17, 2011

{foto shoot ~ h fam}

i love this sweet family! crazy ~ years and years ago e & t seemed so much older than me when they were in college and i was in high school. : } we were all in the same church high school/college group together. so fun to now have kids together, a couple even near the same age! t has been like another big sister to me. 

i simply could not just choose a few favs to post...! this shoot was just so much fun, and the pictures all make me smile... 

you guys are awesome! xo


  1. Oh my goodness! Those little girls are scrumptious!!!

  2. You are so great, Laurel! I was so impressed...not only with your pictures, but also how patient and workable you were with the kids. melt downs! ; ) Keep up the good work...and thanks for helping us make memories for years to come with these pictures.

  3. Kath, aren't they tho?!
    Tess, thx for your sweet words! I was highly impressed with your sweet kids! It was awesome. : }

  4. Oh, I love all these pics! Those girls are just too darling! And I'm sure they are ready to spoil the little brother! Yeah, you're right, Laurel, the girls are just so very sweet. Probably very easy to work with!
    Jo LeBlanc


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