Thursday, December 15, 2011

{fun fact friday [a day early :]: 01}

i love stuff like this. simple and effective ways to improve and organize your life. must be the fact that i am the daughter of a professional organizer. thanks Mom! : }

check these out!!!!!!

my gosh! how freaking cool is this?! it's a gutter garden!!

a totally useful tip this time of year! storing Christmas decor in old egg cartons! fabulous!

got a burn? freeze aloe vera in ice cube trays for an awesomely refreshing and unique burn relief!

low on space? this is simply a tension rod that's been made into a cleaning bottle hanger for under the counter. marvelously ingenius! 

if you hate messes as much as i do, you will love this! back cupcakes directly in ice cream cones! simply brilliant! slap a little cream cheese frosting on top, and sprinkle a few pretties, and voila! 

i've yet to try coring strawberries like this...but a very close friend of mine just posted on her FB that she tried, and it worked. next time i buy strawberries, i'm buying straws too!

supposedly WD40 takes crayon marks off of walls, computer and TV screens! my twins are just getting into the crayon-drawing-phase; i've tucked this into my memory! : }

there ya have it folks! our first fun fact friday, a day early!! : }

any fun facts you have to add? would love for you to share!! i love to read your comments!


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