Wednesday, June 8, 2011

"attack each other, attack each other!"

. . . kids really do say the darndest things. 

my sister and i, as well as our friend miriam were all at the water park with our kids this fine warm weathered day. my twins were in their pac n' play enjoying the fresh air. they had been wrestling with each other earlier when mirm and her boys first showed up. it seemed her eldest son william found the sight of two babies in a crib, quite amusing. a little while later, i saw him mousy back over to the side of the occupied pac n' play, and as he peered down at my babes, he started energetically cheering ~ 

"attack each other! attack each other!"

haha, i had myself a hearty and fantastic laugh!! {makes me sound like santa claus!} i mean come on, what in the dickens could ever be more entertaining to watch than 2 babies wrestling with each other?! thanks for the grins, william!


for those of you in the area, i am hosting a "ladies night out" at the local coffee shop tomorrow night, 6-9. stop by, grab a coffee, bring a friend!

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