Tuesday, June 7, 2011

ok, so, mushrooms, olives, hominy, what do they all have in common? uh, that would be that they are vegetables that this veggie loving freak cannot stand. {"cannot" is underlined because i am extremely emphatic about my distaste for these edibles} unlike peas, which i really do not prefer, the prior list of  veggies literally make me shiver. 

i guess i really should've added squash and zucchini to my first list. really do not like. but, nonetheless, today i found myself washing, peeling, cooking, purée-ing ~ squash. 

i had to hold my breath {no seriously, i did} when preparing these yellow puppies to be frozen in ice trays, for baby food.

so in a few days, i will be introducing squash to my poor children, and then i will see if they too find squash as detestable as their mum. 

sad that such a pretty looking vegetable could taste {and smell} so vile.


these, my darling friends, would be strawberries from my very own garden! o yeah, baby! nothing like home grown food. 


today i attempted to teach myself the skill of making paper flowers. i had this grand idea to photograph them once done designing them, so that you guys could all be wowed by my new found skills. :}

uh, yeah right. i tried taking a couple pictures of the ones i finally finished. let's just say it's pretty bad when you create something and then as you study the photograph taken, you can't tell if it's a rose, or a crumpled up "big mac" wrapper. haha, guess i'll try again!


have a fantastic sleep, friends! may your dreams be lovely and happily picturesque, and may you wake up feeling refreshed. :}


  1. Laurel--I have a great paper flower tutorial I can send you. Easy, fun, and pretty!


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