Monday, December 12, 2011

{most random shoot e_v_e_r ~ j&g}

we started downtown, 2 towns over. like, r.e.a.l.l.y, downtown. pretty sure we saw a drug deal go down. can't remember if that was before or after i took a small, i like to think graceful, tumble to my bum, while energetically demonstrating a desired pose...gracefulness has never been a strong attribute.

next stop, still downtown, 2 towns over. outside the library. a truck drove by. g thought it was green, i swear it was silver. sister interjected that she remembered it being, uh, i don't remember, something different than green or silver. 

that's beside the point -- all of a sudden i felt {and heard} a thud. then realized i was soaking wet. i hate being wet. seriously and passionately . must have been a water balloon. my jacket was sopping so i opted out of it's warmth. no worries, my extreme irate-ness kept me warm the rest of the shoot. i found myself wondering why these drive-by-water-balloon-chucking hooligans' mother's let them out of the house. my personal opinion as a victim of their detestable and immature prank, is that she should've kept them locked up. what happened to boys playing video games?! 

let's just say when i got home, anything and everything taken on the shoot was scrubbed, washed, soaked, get the picture. i realized what a germ freak i was as i told myself that 2x washing my hair was good enough, and when i went to swab my phone 2x plus with rubbing alcohol. 

drama, drama, dramaaaaa!!!!

anything for a good picture, right?! : }

...and we got some good sister is gorgeous. huh?

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  1. love the results of all that drama!


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