Saturday, June 4, 2011

market thermal tote, and tom

ok, people!!!! i have been trying to find a blend between being a photographer, while selling bags and totes. so, my trusty "first born" thomas, lent a helping hand, er, paw. 

i wanted to showcase my brand new "Market Thermal Tote" i got in the mail today, from 31, as i instantaneously fell madly in love with it! 

so tom, being the trusty terrier that he is, hopped himself right up into that bag, and i began to snap away! {narrator pauses in confusion, hoping for clarification} "um, hold on, this IS tommy we're talking about right?! 'hopped WILLINGLY into that bag'?!" 

ok, i have been known to embellish. i had to do a wee bit of coaxing to persuade him to join me in this photo shoot. but, he was a good boy and didn't even try to get out once! so "un-tom" like, too!

here you guys go ~ item # 3464 ~"Market Thermal Tote" in "Free Spirit Floral" print. you can have one of your very own in this print or 2 others for just $38! great for trips to the grocery store when you don't want your perishables to uh, well, perish, on those 17 other errands you need to do. or, you can color outside the lines, like i plan to do, and use it for a diaper bag. yeah baby!

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