Sunday, June 5, 2011


layla baby

my crazy girl ~ man can this pup SNORE!!!!! i don't know how many times EVERY night or nap, i have to tell her to be quiet and STOP SNORING! not my kind of soothing background noise, i simply canNOT sleep when someone is snoring, no matter how loud or quiet. no one else in the house snores like this one. but, we still love her!!

such a precious dog, this one. we don't know exactly what breed{s} she is, but around our house, that's the way we like it! this girl is SUPER protective of her family. i find it rather amusing that she is so protective of my kiddos, but does NOT enjoy them playing with her. she keeps her distance from them, and moves speedily in the opposite direction when one of them approaches her. as if to say, "little one, i will protect you, but i will NOT play with you!"

she turned two this month. i remember the day we brought her home. (wow, i guess i AM in "mommy mode", i caught myself typing ~ "the day we brought her home from the hospital"! ha, no, wait, the day we brought her home from, uh, her doggy mum.)

she has a million and one nicknames, as do all our animals {and children :}. some too absurd and random to record. but, she sure is loved.

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