Sunday, June 5, 2011

magnificently dreary june day

my goodness sakes alive i love this weather! call me crazy , and most would , as it seems everyone around me is frustrated with this weather. but it is glorious! i love being able to have the windows open and hearing the rain trickle down, just right outside. and since it is in fact june, i AM able to have the windows wide open seeing as it is a little warmer than it typically is when this kind of weather presents itself. 

i've been challenged the past few days as i've been LOVING this weather, to remember when the summer heat comes, not to complain. we can always find something to complain about. so, let's not. rain or shine, i want to be thankful. we have been blessed with so much. i am humbly grateful for the safety my family and i have experienced, while others across the country have tragically lost their homes, and loved ones durning the tornados.

today's been a good day! my little family and i went back to the church we visited a couple weeks back. what a fabulous church family. i was encouraged by the attitude that oozes from the congregation of, "come just as you are". 

i enjoyed meeting some of the other young moms, as i spent most of the service in the nursery. one of my kiddos wanted to talk during the sermon, and the other decided to express his happy contentment after his bottle by growling. yup, growling. we decided this might be slightly distracting the other members of the small congregation. :) 

here's a few pictures from my day...

{i'm sure all of you moms can sympathize with this ~ anytime i go anywhere i feel like i am MOVING IN! thank goodness for Thirty-One, i am now finding some semblance of organization when i venture out into the world with my darlings. here's my diaper bag today ~

  1. the first "Zipper Pouch" (#3045 in "Boho Patchwork Paisley" ~ $12) 
  2. with my wallet ("Fold N GO Organizer with Note Pad" ~ #3090 in "Free Spirit Floral" ~ $24) and other necessities, 
  3. the second "Zipper Pouch" in last season's "I'm A Hoot Owl" print with dipes, wipes, change of clothes for my babes. the 
  4. the other bag is my "Thermal Tote" (#3000 in "Floral Fanfar" ~ $14) for bottles and formula

  1. and lastly, my "Market Thermal Tote" (#3464 in "Free Spirit Floral" ~ $38) which amazingly holds it all, with room to spare! :) }
{i love that it has a zipper!}
{this was lunch following church and grocery shopping this afternoon ~ whole wheat sandwiches with mustard, mesquite turkey, cheddar cheese, pickles, purple onions, lettuce, avocado, tomatoes. with a side of strawberries and sparkling grape cider  needless to say it was FANTASTIC!}  

{chocolate chip cookies for dessert! baked on my amazing "Pampered Chef" cookie sheets, sold by my darling sister! check out her website!}
{walnut-less for hubby}

{and walnuts for me!}
{something about this combo...}
{the leftover dough went in the fridge for later! :}

{this is the best formula we have found, and have been completely satisfied since having to start supplementing} 

{need a good baby vitamin? visit my friend kassi's blog and message her for more details on Shaklee products! these are working very well for us}

{attempting to start a new plant. i freaking LOVE these marvelous little guys! i've nearly killed them so many times, and with a drenching and pruning, they spring to life again, happier than ever!}

{and this guy may look kinda cool, but he is actually a very powerful plant! check out this link for more on spider plants and their fight against carbon monoxide in the home}

{my favorite part of grocery shopping}

{new book my hubby and i are going to be reading}
{beautiful phoenix} 
{crazy furries}

i had this horrific dream the other night about a GIGANTIC snake. and, he was a TALKING gigantic snake. i mentioned in my first post about how i have been trying to get over some of my irrational fears. well, i have come to terms with the fact that this one isn't going away. and, i'm ok with that! :) after i got married, i realized how much my husband liked snakes. so i was trying to see if i could possibly get over my insanely freakish fear of them... so one day i was in the pet store {getting the hee bee gee bees as i type!} and this guy walks in with this tiny baby snake. i asked to hold it. sort of like a self inflicted "snake fear hazing" of sorts, i guess. i was shaking so bad, and thought i was going to pass out. somehow i managed to keep my composure long enough to hand the nice man back his disgusting creature and quickly vacate the building. 

i went home and told my husband that there was no curing my fear of those vile creatures. 

maybe that's why i always seem to have dreams about them! haha. in my dream the other night, the poor snake was pleading with me, trying to get me to be his friend. even in my dream i refused! 

have a splendidly marvelous sleep, people! enjoy the rain, don't worry the heat is coming!

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