Friday, June 24, 2011

they call her gramma ~

my boys are so blessed to have such fantastic grandparents! hubby and I both have unendingly loving and supportive parents. incredible!  Today my mum-in-law and I took the boys to our favorite local coffee shop, Jakes, to have have a meeting with the owner about the Ladies Night Out once a month events we are planning. 
I've never lived in a small town before. there's something to be said about knowing almost everyone that walks through the door. Well, I don't know as many folks as my friends who have grown up in this area do. That and the fact that I am ever still forcing myself to get over my fearsome shy side! but, knowing people who know everyone, is intriguing to me! :}  

We had a grand time hanging with Gramma today, as you can tell ... 
isn't she beautiful? :) her love for my boys makes her EVEN MORE so!

every coffee shop should have a comfy orange couch to lounge on while sipping coffee, or, uh, bobbies, as my boys like to do. i've even shot bridal portraits on this very couch before!

 When we got home i was unpacking {because you have to pack as if you were moving out of the country every time you leave the house when you have kids}, I looked down to see my eldest twin ... {he DOES have two legs i promise :}
 No clue what he was doing, but he was VERY intrigued by his carseat. One of those times when I desperately wished for a window into his little brain. I'm sure, if he's anything like his mum, his mind was baby-racing a mile a minute!  

 Tom is such a good boy withe our babes. He's so gentle even when they yank on his fantastic, albeit very tempting-to-pull "hair"! {we don't call it fur, because Tom doesn't HAVE fur. Tom's hair is the type that us women pay THOUSANDS of dollars to have!} 

 It was like CHRISTMAS in my house today! My Thirty-One order arrived from the Ladies Night Out a few weeks back. Even though only 2 things were for me, I was elated while sorting everyone's stuff. 

I finally decided this print is my print! Here's my new Zipper Pouch! Slowly, but surely, I am incorporating 31 items in this most fabulous print into my daily life. I LOVE being so fashionably organized! ;)  

 Happy birthday to my sweet Dad! So wish we could celebrate together!  Boy can this guy play the guitar! I LOVED listening to him play and sing to me as a wee one. He's a quiet, yet strong man, who loves God with all his heart. I admire him for his devotion and faithfulness. 
Love you, Dad!                     


since you are on the penelope jane blog, here's another P.J. photo fav! my friend kassi's pup missy, letting P.J. know that all was safe, and no hungry kittens were nearby waiting to pounce! this was taken in '09. penelope darling must've been only 6 months or so.

happy friday night, darlings. enjoy this amazingly refreshing cool weather!

~ l.r.

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