Sunday, June 26, 2011

~ this must be love ~

he's not a good father. he's an absolutely incredible father. you can tell by the way they look at him. when he walks in the room, squeals of sheer delight echo throughout our house. in that moment it's as if they cannot crawl, scoot, catapult quick enough to lunge themselves into his arms. my sons have the most incredible daddy.  holy freaking stockings, this picture makes my heart skip a beat!                     

today after i got home from my photoshoot, my heart melted onto the floor in about 537 thousand freaking pieces when my little men responded to my homecoming greeting, by hollering with almost panicked delight, as they realized that, yet again their little legs and arms could only aid their travel to my arms, so much. i quickly came to their rescue and scooped up all 40+ pounds of my two 9 month-ers into my arms, and we had a snuggle, kissy fest. 

o. m y. g o s h. being a parent is, without a doubt, the most amazing privilege God has ever seen fit to bestow on me and my darling hubby.

on that intoxicatingly fantastic thought, happy sleep, darlings.

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