Saturday, June 4, 2011

what's behind the name, penelope jane?

what , you may inquire, possessed me to entitle this blog, "penelope jane"? 

a few months after i got married, i was attempting to get over a few of my many fears. one of the silliest, yet biggest ones just happened to be rats. i was TERRIFIED of RATS. that is, until i met, "penelope jane". an adorable hairless rat, just a few weeks old. i feel in love instantly. we quickly became bossom buds! i would carry her everywhere with me. one time i even paid over $50 on a vet bill for her, when she contracted a nasty eye infection.

here's a picture of the darling little thing, whom i miss dearly.

thanks for tuning in, folks! looking forward to this blogging adventure! thank you, penelope jane, for the blog title inspiration. :}

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